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Texas Crypto

Texas Crypto is a student-run tech organization at The University of Texas at Austin with the purpose of facilitating the professional development of Blockchain technology across Austin and Texas, as well as educating the general public about the basics of Blockchain, its practical uses, and its long-term implications on both the tech industry and global economy.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to scale a startup idea, a developer looking for a community to share ideas with, or a student intrigued by the workings of Blockchain technology, we encourage you to reach out, share your thoughts, and join our outstanding community of developers and enthusiasts.

Companies & SMBs

If you are a business looking to modernize/secure your day-to-day operations and are considering the implementation of a Blockchain-based solution, consult us at [email protected], and we will draw out a plan/business model best suited for your specific business. We look forward to the challenges and opportunities of exploring the frontier of Blockchain application in all types of businesses, especially startups and SMBs.

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